Why the Mini Binder is the Perfect Planner Size

Mini Binder Day Planner

When I first started creating printable planners, I knew that I needed to find an easy way to integrate the personalized and stylish pages in a format that was easy to use without being cumbersome. The letter size is nice for a large binder, especially if you are planning around a large number of family activities, but a big binder can be annoying to carry around every day. A compact personal sized planner is easy to carry around, but it doesn’t always leave much room for actually writing down your plans.

Then I stumbled upon the Russell + Hazel mini binders one day while shopping at the Container Store. They were perfect! They were pretty! They were exactly what I never knew I always needed. [Continue reading…]

Ten Reasons to Shop the Burt’s Bees Friends and Family Sale Today

Burt's Bees Baby Review

Friends and Family Sales are going strong this time of year. Retailers want to move inventory to make space for holiday products and savvy shoppers want to stock closets with warm clothes for the new season while savings some cash. The Burt’s Bees Family sale starts today, and although there are a ton of reasons why this is the sale to shop, here are my top ten.

Burts Bees Baby Sale [Continue reading…]

Capture Back to School Memories With Ease

There is something magical about the first day of school, kind of like the opposite forces of the Good Witch and the Bad Witch in The Wizard of Oz. For some, the first day of school is an exciting time of new opportunities. For others, the first day of school is like walking into a jail for a life sentence. Hopefully your kids are able to see it as fun and exciting.

Each mom approaches the first day a little differently. Some throw a PB&J into a brown paper sack and wave to the school bus with a celebratory Irish coffee in her hand. Others carefully plan out the perfect clothing and the best location for a cute little photo, with a perfect sign documenting the day, making sure to tuck a little love note into the the lunch packed with an organic sunflower butter sandwich cut into an origami owl, with homemade sugar cookies on reserve in the refrigerator for the first after-school snack. I fall somewhere in between these two. 

Back to School Photo Sign

Though I don’t believe in putting too much emphasis on an already stressful day for kids, I think it’s a great opportunity to create a good school experience and save some memories for years later. I made an adorable little chalkboard photo prop sign, available in my Confetti Saturday shop in Etsy, for kids to hold in their back to school photo. It has just enough detail to record the important things like the date and school, and the chalk lettering is a sweet homage to elementary school.

back to school sign

For older kids, or super fashionable youngsters, I have a gold foil sign available. It is a simple yet flashy little speech bubble, great for larger groups of kids with different grades to display. It also comes in a set of two signs, one for the first day of school, and one for the last day.

first day of school sign

Back to School Interview

I also created this back to school interview to be completed on the first day of school. It’s free here, just right click and download, and you can use it for as many kids as you like, as many times as you like. The pdf version is here.

back to school interview


School Night Meal Planner

If you are dreading the mealtime rush of balancing a nutritious dinner with volleyball and gymnastics practice, this is exactly what you need. Plan out a week’s worth of meals ahead of time, go to the grocery store once each week after everything is planned, and maybe prepare a few basic casseroles like the First Lady’s favorite homemade mac and cheese on Sunday night for the really crazy weeknight coming up. I also loaded this up with every reference you could need while planning out a meal or rushing around to find a last minute cooking conversion. Seriously, this has everything from the perfect tea steeping time to the cut of meat to ask for when buying ingredients for Thursday night’s slow cooker pot roast. Oh, and it’s cute to boot, so you will like using it each week.

meal planner

Kids Independence Day Clothes

kids July 4 clothes

This coming weekend is the July 4 holiday. Hopefully you have already planned a grocery list that includes a festive margarita or mojito, and have lined up the best place to watch fireworks in your city. If you need a lemonade recipe, check out this vanilla bean lemonade recipe from Food 52. Yum! Oh, and if you have a lemonade stand in your future, check out my new printable set on Confetti Saturday. It’s loaded with everything you need to start a real lemonade stand on the corner, or just setup a pretend stand in your family room. [Continue reading…]