Tahoe edit circleWhen I first started shopping for maternity and baby clothes, most of the brands were unfamiliar to me from my pre-pregnancy days. Every big-box store that I visited carried the same major brand so I started shopping almost exclusively online. I wasn’t sure what was a reliable brand that was made well and what was a cheap, disposable brand. I wanted reassurance that I was investing in something that could be passed down from sibling to sibling to cousin. I wanted to know that the black maternity sweater that I invested $90 in would still look nice during my future pregnancies. I also wanted a place to find the newest and coolest products to give to friends at their baby showers. To add to my wish list, I wanted a website that was free of the pandering tone and obvious advice. 

When I couldn’t find the resource that I wanted, I built it myself. Mama’s Heels is a collection of everything that you should see in the world of pregnancy, baby and kids. It started as a fashion blog for kids, and has blossomed into a treasure trove of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and extras for moms and kids. If you know of a new trend or hot item that I haven’t highlighted, send me a comment. My favorite pasttime is discussing baby-related products with friends!

 I have also branched out into freelance writing and design. If you are looking for a writer to complete a story idea, or a designer for marketing materials, I can help. For more details, click on the Work with Me page, or the Casperson Creative link on the front page.

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The name Mama’s Heels was the result of my daughter’s first fascination with fashion – wearing my shoes to glamorously clomp around the house.



  1. Megan says

    I think I know what brand you are referring to and I avoid it like the plague! I just found your blog and its super cute. Don’t forget to show some little boy love too!