Kids Independence Day Clothes

This coming weekend is the July 4 holiday. Hopefully you have already planned a grocery list that includes a festive margarita or mojito, and have lined up the best place to watch fireworks in your city. If you need a lemonade recipe, check out this vanilla bean lemonade recipe from Food 52. Yum! Oh, and if you have a lemonade stand in your future, check out my new printable set on Confetti Saturday. It’s loaded with everything you need to start a real lemonade stand on the corner, or just setup a pretend stand in your family room.

kids July 4 clothesKids Independence Day Clothes

If you still need some inspiration for your kids Independence Day clothes, here are a few of my favorites. First, Peek Kids rules in the July 4 kids clothing category. They consistently have the best holiday clothes that are so cute you won’t mind that your daughter is still wearing her Easter t-shirt in August. Above are my two favorite, and both are available in a wide range of sizes, from newborn to age 12, for both boys and girls. If you are running out of time for shipping, try checking your local Nordstrom. Both tees are carried in stores nationwide.

Carters and Gymboree also have great options, especially if you are looking for a “My First” Independence Day tee. This girls tee from Gap is a flowery winner. And Etsy has some adorable options, like this Made in the USA onesie, or this firecracker tee. I love this little glittery headband from LittleKateDesigns with the red leather bow. If your furry friend needs some new duds, you have to check out these bow tie collars from RipleyWear

A Reason To Be Proud

I have always considered myself proud to be an American, despite some embarrassing flaws in our system. I was in Europe during the 2000 presidential election and was ridiculed relentlessly the moment anyone realized that I was American and struck up a conversation with me. I still viewed my country as the best, mainly because there was no Mountain Dew in England and I was seriously homesick for my favorite sugar high (I was 20, still blissfully ignorant about the health risks in the can of oddly colored, sugar riddled, caffeine bomb.).

This week, I have wept with gratitude at the Supreme Court ruling allowing many of my friends to finally marry. I feel grateful to be a part of a community that supports all people, even those who may have different beliefs, passions and preferences. I am happily married to my college sweetheart. I love my family and cannot imagine being told that our love was less valued than my neighbors love, or that my family could never contribute to society simply because two members sharing a tax return are of the same sex. There are so many things wrong, evil, and disturbing in this world. Why are some people so passionate to fight love? We should celebrate love in whatever form we find it, and use or energy to fight the true detriments to society. I rarely go political on this blog. I know many will disagree with my views, and oddly enough they will use hatred to blast a post promoting love. 

Whatever your political views, I ask that you take a moment this week to be thankful for your country and for those who fought to keep it free. 


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