Elusive Exclusive Toms

I am quickly becoming a Toms junkie. I love them. I need them. I only want to wear them when I look in my closet. I know, they are not always the chicest when you wear them to work, but for a preggo who is only getting heavier, their flat elastic design is right up there with my pregnancy pillow and dry shampoo in my list of things I cannot currently live without. What’s worse is that they are equally amazing for both women and kids. So, not only do I constantly find myself searching for more pairs for myself, but also for my daughter. And now, my next question when looking in the kids section is, “how small is the smallest size in that style? Can I get them for the baby?”

I have discovered lately that it isn’t enough to just peruse the Toms website every few weeks for new styles. A few retailers also have their own exclusive Toms, sold only in their stores. I foolishly believed that Nordstrom was the only retailer with an exclusive selection of designs, but have learned that there are indeed a few others. Neiman Marcus also has a line of designs specific to their stores, and (oh. my.god.) they’re good. The womens Toms have metallics and a to-die-for glitter toe on tan suede. Oh, and for those of us raising little Sig Ep men, they have tiny skull and cross bones printed on denim or purple grosgrain, starting at size 3T.

If you haven’t given these a whorl yet for your kids, don’t hesitate any longer. They are easy to put on in a hurry and can be worn without socks. Both of these are big indicators of success in my house. Anna needs to be able to throw shoes on in a moments notice because she always fears that she will be left behind when we announce that we are taking the dogs on a walk. And socks? I loathe socks. They are somehow always misplaced at daycare (purely Anna’s fault, not her teachers) and they are not necessary in the hot Florida climate (probably why she has a habit of taking them off and leaving them places). I can’t dress her in sandals for daycare (a rule I still don’t understand given the warm recess temperatures previously noted) so my next best option is a pair of light canvas Toms.

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