Lacoste Spring/Summer 11 Collection

In the 1980’s you had to wear a Lacoste polo shirt complete with signature crocodile logo if you wanted to achieve the preppy look. Now they are a little less of a status symbol, but they have retained their preppy image,┬ámaking the signature polos for both boys and girls, along with nautical stripes, woven belts and deck shoes.

Lacoste has struggled in recent years to re-establish its prestigious image. In an effort to extend their reach in the last decade they began selling to discounters like Walmart and their brand became diluted. They have since stopped selling to the discounters and are trying to find new ways to reach the next generation. One of their new strategies involves outfitting the staff in upscale hotels and restaurants so that customers are subtly surrounded by the brand.

Lacoste hired Felipe Oliveira Baptista as its new creative director last year and all eyes are on him this week to see how he will steer the brand to reinvigorate sales. In the meantime, below are some of my favorites from the Spring/Summer collection on sale now.

Lacoste Girls S/S Pique Polo
Lacoste Boys S/S Chest Stripe Polo Zappos
Lacoste Espey Baby Shoe Nordstroms