Make Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes

Boob Cupcakes

 I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is younger than me, braver than me, and an all-around awesome person to be around. In an act of F*ck You Cancer, she decided to throw a girls-only going away party for her boobs a few days before her mastectomy and requested that we bring boob-themed food and go topless. I complied with one part – I brought boobie cakes. Which is odd, because topless is just normal in my everyday life now. Topless is just another Tuesday to me. Since I am breastfeeding and my son is always hungry, it is not at all unusual for me to greet visitors to my home with a quick warning that I am topless in the next room in case they are uncomfortable with it. Yet I strangely remained clothed for a topless party. Hmm. It is probably a combination of not wanting to show postpartum belly flab in the presence of strangers and also a welcome break for my usual topless weekends since I was out without the baby.

I give you the below instructions for boobie cakes, with two simple requests.

  1. You are free to make these only after giving yourself a quick exam. It only takes a second and could save your life.
  2. Wander over to My Breast Choice and laugh a little with Aniela. She is an actress and comedian, a member of Sick Puppies Comedy, and I can guarantee you will click away from her vlog with a new respect and a smile.

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Halloween in South Florida


When I was a kid, we had this really cool pumpkin patch close by that we always visited on a class field trip each fall. It was huge, on a real farm, and had a barn with a rope that you could swing on to fall into a huge pile of straw. The straw always scratched more than you thought it would because, well, you were 8 and had no concept of anything beyond ‘that looks fun.’ It also smelled heavenly, of rotting leaves and old bonfires, the kind of smell that you only miss when you realize its absence years later. That was Ohio life.Continue Reading

Halloween Clothing

halloween clothing for babies

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, it’s inundated with pictures of kids in pumpkin patches. Lately it’s a rite of Fall passage to set your child up in the middle of nowhere next to a bright orange pumpkin and some straw, and coax out the biggest smile you can get with the bribe of a warm pumpkin donut and hot cider. Many over-achieving moms also opt for the additional apple-picking photo, setting the same child, again in the middle-of-nowhere-farm-land, with a basket full of apples. We beg out this one because (a.) we don’t live in the right climate for apple orchards, and (b.) I’m not all that enthused about apples with worm holes in them. They always have worm holes. Maybe we’ll start a new mandatory photo opp for children in warm climates, featuring orange-picking pilgrimages.Continue Reading

Splurge or Save on Girls Glitter Shoes


Kids are hard on shoes. At times it feels like the second the shoes come out of the box a little timer starts in your kid’s brain that’s like “okay, annnnnnd go!” Wear them out immediately! Puddles! Pavement! Bring it all on!

Sure it’s fun for them, but what about for your wallet? Do you cringe as much as I do when you hear those little voices say, “Mommy, my shoes are ripped”? Of course, the next dialogue is, “So stop picking at them. No, stop! I swear I’m not buying you new ones if you keep ripping at these. Can we try to make these last just another week or two? I mean it, STOP PULLING THE SOLE OFF.” Oh, come on, I know you’ve had some form of that conversation.Continue Reading