April 17, 2014

Sorry, where was I?

Mamasheels Interruption

As you can see from the photo, we’ve been a bit busy in our house adjusting to our new lives as a family of four (six? I always feel bad when I exclude the dogs from the family number). I decided to take a full maternity leave from all work and still feel like I […]

Merry Christmas

Casey Xmas 2013-6

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Are You Shopping for a Deal or a Product?

WSJ Black Friday Secrets 112613

If you read one news article today, it should be this: The Dirty Secret of Black Friday ‘Discounts’. I love this article by the Wall Street Journal this morning. Most of us know, or at least suspected, that our favorite stores mark up inventory just to offer discounts later. This is no secret. What I love […]

How Do You Gift Christmas PJs?

Christmas Eve sketch

Prior to this year, Anna has been young enough that my purchase and gifting of Christmas-themed pajamas went something like me picking them out online and unceremoniously tossing a pair at her on the night we decorated the tree saying “here.” I know, I sound like a totally warm-hearted holiday mommy, right? Now that she […]

Building a Maternity Closet

Maternity Wardrobe Checklist

Accumulating maternity clothes can be a daunting task. What do you need? What are good brands to look for? What styles are most comfortable and most versatile? Below is a cheat sheet of basic styles for an affordable and versatile maternity closet. Buy more of some and less of others to suit your lifestyle. It […]

Sale Tip – Keep a Separate Folder in Your Gmail for Sales Notifications

Create Gmail Shopping folder

We have all been inundated with emails from our favorite stores lately telling us to to fix the “evil” Gmail trick of creating a promotions folder. Well, here is a tip that may save your sanity when digging through your emails, provide a handy way to look for a discount before you make a purchase […]

Happy Halloween!


I never really thought much about Halloween until I had kids. If I went to a costume party, I would usually hit up Target two hours beforehand to try to throw some sort of costume together out of normal clothes. Cue Anna. Now I start planning toddler costume ideas two months ahead of time and […]

The Maternity Tee You Can’t Live Without

Gap Pure Body Tee Miami Zoo

If there has been one staple in my closet over the past few years, it has to be the $15 Gap Pure Body tee. They are so incredibly comfortable  and stretchy that you will never want to take them off. When I was pregnant with Anna they did not make a maternity version, so I […]

Red Flannel Pajamas for Christmas

Red Flannel Pajamas 2013

Menswear inspired clothing is huge this season. Compare this with a love of red flannel pajamas on kids at Christmas time and I really don’t think you could go wrong dressing your kids in any of the above sets for Christmas morning festivities. They are gender-neutral, so you can pass them down from boy to […]

New Baby To-Do: Hospital Necessities

Everlane Weekender

I am nearing the end of pregnancy at an alarming rate. It has been both agonizingly slow and whiplash fast at the same time. I can no longer pretend that I have all the time in the world to put together a newborn layette and a hospital bag. Admittedly, I still have a little bit […]

To Register or Not To Register?

When you are pregnant with your first baby, the answer is a simple, “yes, of course I’ll create a baby registry.” Then you inevitably become confused and disoriented at some point in the process, usually when standing in the stroller aisle of Buy Buy Baby, after staring at the same three stroller sample for two […]

The Princess That Wasn’t Trampy

Anna Halloween Costume 2013 Princess

I was presented with a small problem this month. After asking Anna many, many times what she wanted to be for Halloween (and always hoping for a different answer) she always responded with “princess”.  Grreeeeaat. It’s not that I have anything against little girls dressing up as princesses, it’s just that the costume selection is […]

Toms Coupon – Get $10 Off with the Included Link

Blue Wool Plaid Toms

Okay, it’s no secret, we all know that I have a love affair with Toms. Anything that cute and comfortable, forget it. If you also love them, or want to try a pair to see what I have been raving about, there is a coupon here for $10 off. If you’re looking at kids shoes, […]


Toddler Underwear

It’s finally that time to sit down and seriously shop for undies for Anna. She is on a potty-training kick and insists on wearing undies all the time, even if it is sometimes over her training pants. I am all about encouraging potty training and am willing to invest in new undies now if it […]

Maternity Pants for Every Trimester

Maternity Pants 101

Let’s talk maternity pants. The oft dreaded, until pregnant, then oft loved, pants. Those who have never been pregnant see maternity pants as an ugly necessity, something to be worn in the last trimester only when absolutely nothing else will fit. Then they get pregnant. They soon realize that maternity pants can be so indulgently […]

Self Appreciation. The Cosmetics Edition.

Gateway indulgence

I am about halfway through my second pregnancy and am at the point where things just start to feel uncomfortable. The baby has developed a nice exercise regime – from about 10 am to 10 pm he kicks, punches and flips more than a Ninja Warrior contestant in training. One thing that I learned from […]

Elusive Exclusive Toms

Toms Neiman Marcus

I am quickly becoming a Toms junkie. I love them. I need them. I only want to wear them when I look in my closet. I know, they are not always the chicest when you wear them to work, but for a preggo who is only getting heavier, their flat elastic design is right up […]

Now Trending: Intarsia Animal Sweaters

Nordstrom Baby fox intarsia

Last winter an outbreak of intarsia sweaters hit the scene. The trend was a little slow to take off, but I am happy to say that it appears to be keeping a strong foothold in this winters popularity. If you want to invest in some warm clothes that are on trend now, but likely to […]

Sales, Steals and Deals: Amazon Mom Baby Sale and GAP VIP Sale

Zutano Dog Walk Footie

If you have not ventured over to the Amazon Mom sale, you want to check it out. A quick search in the Amazon sale for the Zutano newborn footies that I have been eyeing  for $30 each on Zutano.com (Dog Walk and Le Cirque – adorable!) resulted in sets that included the same footies, with a […]

I Spy a gDiaper Fall 2013 Preview

Fall13 gDiapers Amazon

What’s this? Could it be a preview of the new gDiaper prints that are coming out next month? Why, yes, I believe it may be! I was searching Amazon for the tiny gpants set that only includes the pants, not the entire newborn bundle. When what to my wandering eyes did appear? Gprints that I […]

It’s a Boy! How Do I Dress Him?


After discovering last week that we are expecting a little boy, my immediate excitement has turned into a little bit of unease. Though I have for years defended boys clothing and have championed the brands that create cute and stylish boys clothes (ahem, FORE!! Axel & Hudson), I now realize that boys have a set […]

Ahhh, Relaxation


A much needed vacation dreaming up the next phase of Mama’s Heels. Posting will resume next week.

Christmas in …August

Surprise 2T Box

When preggo brain meets thrifty brain. I hate giving in to the idea that just because I’m pregnant I somehow have less brain cells available. I am still the same educated, quick-witted woman that I was six months ago. There are some moments, however, when even I have to relent to the idea that pregnancy […]

Stella & Dot Sale Exclusive!

Stella Dot July-2013-TSEO

Still debating if you’re going to get that Stella & Dot piece you’ve been eyeing? Let me help you out. Here’s a little perk to the Stella & Dot trunk sale: Spend $50 and get 50% off items like the wanderlust wrap bracelet or the Maya bracelet by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Maya […]

Maternity 9 to 5

Maternity 9 to 5 by courtney-18

Price Per Wear

BCBG Striped Maternity Dress

How much did it really cost you to get dressed this morning? There is a term in the stylist and retail worlds called Price Per Wear, which is basically just what it sounds like. It’s the price that you calculate that you paid for an outfit each time that you wear it. For example, if […]

Versatile Maternity Dresses


Sure, that pink leopard print sheath dress looks cute with a bump, but how many times will you wear it before either you or your friends tire of looking at it? I have developed a small checklist of features to look for in maternity clothes before I complete a purchase, and versatility is one of […]

Friday Free For All

Stella & Dot Tribute Bracelet on Jennifer Aniston

Have you shopped the Stella and Dot trunk sale yet? Why not? You got paid today, you’re rich. Except for the same detail about paying the mortgage, but you know what, a little $50 on something pretty for yourself won’t break the bank and you’ll feel sooo much more put together when wearing it. Jennifer […]

Stella and Dot Sale

Stella Dot Sutton

Have you seen the new Stella & Dot fall collection yet? LOVE! They took a cue from the popularity of big enamel necklaces to bring you the Frida and Peacock necklaces. If you have been buying a lot from Bauble Bar, you’ll love these. I am totally lusting after the Sutton necklace, a mixed metal […]

H&M Opens Online Shop

HM Online

It’s finally here! H&M has opened their website to online shopping. This is huge for a few reasons. If you don’t live near a store (our closest is a 45 minute drive) then you have immediate access to their products, shipped directly to your door. Also, if you don’t have a maternity or kids or […]

Nail Biting Be Damned

Scotch Kiltlifter

Kids have a way of turning the mirror onto ourselves, often in the most unflattering ways. Hate that extra little pooch in the belly postpartum? They will lift your shirt, show it to the world and smack it until it jiggles to their delight. Make a mad dash to the bathroom this morning? They will […]

JCrew Has Maternity!


I am in a maternity funk. After going to A Pea in the Pod and striking out trying to find work-appropriate tops, I have been aimlessly trolling the internet trying to find something that fits my style, that will also fit a growing belly. I mean, c’mon, not every pregnant woman can wear a t-shirt […]

The Gift for the OCD Mom with Everything

Anya Hindmarch

Do you know someone who is expecting, who also happens to have everything (or the means to buy whatever she needs) and a compulsion to organize her Q-tips? Well, have I found the perfect new baby gift for you to bring to her. Anya Hindmarch offers a Baby Emergency Kit. The luxurious black bag is […]

Friday Free For All

Instagreat of the Week

Topshop is offering free shipping today to anywhere in the world. Stock up on your maternity favorites now. Honest is expanding to your favorite retailers. You can now find them in Costco stores, and at Babyearth.com (one of my favorite baby e-boutiques) and Rightstart.com. Have you tried them yet? You won’t regret it, I promise. Brands […]

Pale Cloud AW13

Pale Cloud

Pale Cloud is one of my favorite brands for girls, so it is difficult to pick just a few noteworthy pieces, but I’ll try my best to keep the list short. In summary, leather detailing and perfect attention to detail without going overboard make Pale Cloud your best option for a special addition to your […]

How to Choose the Right Baby Bib

Bibs 101

Babies are messy (understatement of the year) and bibs are a necessity, not only to keep clothes clean from food stains when they’re eating, but also to keep clothes dry and clean the rest of the day. Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of bibs on the market? When I first […]

Tane Organics AW13

Tane Organics

View the full collection here. The collection in general can be summed up as more of the same for Tane. I love the playfulness of some of the pieces, while keeping other traditional designs and fabrics that have made it popular. I wish there were a few more dress options. The cute printed elephant is […]

Summer Seersucker for Boys

Tom and Drew Boys Seersucker Blazer

Boys rarely have to update their wardrobes for summer beyond ditching heavy jeans in favor of lighter shorts, but when summertime comes, seersucker is one of the best ways to lighten up. Seersucker is a lightweight fabric, woven to pucker slightly away from the body, which keeps you cooler longer in intense summer heat. It […]

Summer Baby Bloomers


Few items are as quintessentially baby as bloomers. Not many adults, aside from those few brave men sporting Speedos on the beach, are able to rock the skimpy bikini-bottoms-and-no-top look. Babies, on the other hand, look adorably seasonal when sitting on the beach in nothing but bloomers and a sunhat. Some bloomers are designed to […]

5 Baby Clothes Brands Celebrities Love

Bonpoint Nagili

The children of celebrities are photographed often now, and the benefit is that we get a sneak peak at the brands that celebrities choose for their own broods. The trends range from organic surfer-cool to high-end ladylike. Browse through the list below to see what everyone from Angelina Jolie to Rachel Zoe is stocking in […]