Gear Up for the Holidays

Babys First Holiday checklist

Before you had kids your biggest holiday struggle was what to buy your parents who have everything.Now that you’re a parent your workload has increased exponentially. Granted, you don’t need a onesie that declares your baby a Christmas newbie, but it does look really cute and it will help you put together a mental timeline when flipping through photos later. Here is a short list of everything that should be on your shopping list now.Continue Reading

Angel Dear Holiday Knits

Angel Dear Christmas clothing

The very first article of clothing that I bought for Anna when I was pregnant with her was an incredibly soft pink yuppie argyle sweater dress. It is still my favorite of any outfit that she has ever worn. It was so perfectly baby-like and innocent. It was a very light knit, so it was perfect for Florida.

A few months after she wore the first sweater dress, I discovered that Angel Dear made an annual holiday collection. Continue Reading