Splurge or Save on Girls Glitter Shoes


Kids are hard on shoes. At times it feels like the second the shoes come out of the box a little timer starts in your kid’s brain that’s like “okay, annnnnnd go!” Wear them out immediately! Puddles! Pavement! Bring it all on!

Sure it’s fun for them, but what about for your wallet? Do you cringe as much as I do when you hear those little voices say, “Mommy, my shoes are ripped”? Of course, the next dialogue is, “So stop picking at them. No, stop! I swear I’m not buying you new ones if you keep ripping at these. Can we try to make these last just another week or two? I mean it, STOP PULLING THE SOLE OFF.” Oh, come on, I know you’ve had some form of that conversation.Continue Reading

Best Of: Imps and Elfs

imps and elfs sweater

Imps and Elfs is one of my favorite brands of baby clothes, simply because their tees are cheeky and witty without (usually) being obnoxious. There are many brands that make baby tees with saying that practically beg you to roll your eyes while reading them. “Poops I Did It Again” comes to mind. If I see one more baby tee referencing poop or Brittany Spears my eyes may roll out of head. 

Imps and Elfs makes things like “Extremely Funny” and “I Like What I See” (spelled backwards so it makes sense in a mirror). Their clothes areContinue Reading

Mom and Daughter Matching Pajamas

mom daughter pajamas

We can all agree that matching mom and daughter outfits can be a little hokey. Except that, well, sometimes, they can be awesome. Remember when you were little and you were so eager to wear something older that made you seem just like an adult? Or when you desperately wanted to be just like your mom because she was the coolest person you knew? (Don’t be too flattered mom, I did only know like 20 people then. Now I know considerably more people, though, and I still think your the coolest.) Yeah, see, sometimes you take one for the team and you wear the matching outfits so that your daughter can feel cool.Continue Reading

Countdown to Touchdowns: Ohio State Baby Football Jersey (Part 2)

ohio state baby jersey

Fall is lurking in the shadows of summer, just waiting for the right time to pounce into full view. Like your mother that you friended on Facebook, you can feel the presence, even if nothing is officially liked or posted yet. Pumpkin Spice lattes are back in your regular coffee break rotation, New York Fashion Week updates have hijacked your Instagram feed, and there is a regular argument in your house every Saturday centered around how much football Mommy and Daddy have watched compared to how much Doc McStuffins your toddler has been able to enjoy. As soon as the temperatures dip in the slightest, fall will jump into full view.Continue Reading