Zara Girls Shoes for Toddler, Little Girls and Big Girls

Zara toddler shoes

Let me introduce you to my new favorite place to shop for girls shoes. Hello Zara.

Click through the below images for an overwhelming list of Zara girls shoes, each cuter than the last. At face value, most of these look like a standard pair of women’s shoes. Brown riding boots, cute, would be nice staples, …wait… oh, my. They’re teeny tiny toddler-sized riding boots made to look just like mom’s go-to daily favorites. And the sneakers? Glitter high tops. What kid doesn’t want pink glitter high tops? (I want pink glitter high tops). Ballet flats in a wild print, not just the ho-hum black that every girl has for the standard special occasion. Metallic silver sneakers that will go with everything. Brown short boots with fringe. Every kid likes fringe, almost as much as twirly skirts, because both are just fun.Continue Reading

Postpartum Style: Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress

banana republic gemma

If there is one item on your shopping list for the big transition back to work after maternity leave, it should be the Banana Republic Gemma wrap dress.

The rayon and spandex blend is a comfortable material that skims your curves without clinging. From the first wash to to the last, it is holds its shape well, resists fading, and doesn’t shrink. And comfortable? OH HECK YES. It’s seriously like wearing sweat pants to your budget meetings.Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Tips: New Mom Nursing Comforts

new mom breastfeeding tips

Something that seems so natural and simple as breastfeeding can be so painful and hard to figure out. It seems simple. Take baby, lay on boob, lay back and let baby drink. Wrong! It’s really hard to manage, even for experienced moms, and the pain can be awful. If you stick with it for more than the first three months, then you’re golden. It’s right around the three to four month mark when your baby becomes a pro at finding the right way to latch by himself, causing less pain for you and less awkward positioning.

If you are just beginning the task of breastfeeding, these products could make all the difference in helping you stay with it. Have a few (or all) on hand before the baby is born so that you are prepared when the need arises.

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